Law Office of Gwen M. Schoenfeld, L.L.C.

Criminal Appeals and Post-Conviction Proceedings


Gwen M. Schoenfeld, a criminal defense attorney with nearly two decades of experience, currently focuses on federal and state sentencings, appeals, and post-conviction proceedings, including habeas corpus and motions filed pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 2254 and § 2255. Ms. Schoenfeld has argued before various state and federal courts including the United States Court of Appeals for the Second and Third Circuits. Before devoting her practice to post-trial proceedings, Ms. Schoenfeld had represented clients in all phases of the criminal justice system, from the investigatory stage, through trial/plea, to sentencing, and on appeal. Throughout her career, she has defended clients in white collar matters (such as securities, tax and insurance fraud) as well as in cases involving violent and other crimes (including murder, drug trafficking and robbery). She is also a former appellate prosecutor. Years of work in this field, as a defense attorney and prosecutor, have provided Ms. Schoenfeld with the skilled perspective necessary for assessing the legal and common sense viability of arguments in post-trial proceedings.